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"How Adaptability Fuels Continuous Progress""

After my parents got divorced around age nine, I spent the next 10 years or so schlepping my stuff back and forth in a suitcase going between Florida and Ohio. Different climate, different culture, different parent. Everything was different. Within that time, we also moved several times. How did I learn to adapt? Like many of you, through repeated practice and do or die...well not exactly die, but you get it.

Today, I travel often to many different parts of the world and yes, I continue to schlep my things in a suitcase. The skills of adaptability have transferred to many different areas of my life and mindset. People have a tendency to get STUCK when they don't flex or adapt. I would like to share a few tips and observations that may be helpful if you find yourself STUCK.

!. Strengthen your internal equilibrium.

What do I mean by this? Have a mental structure in your mind. Let's call it a safety checklist. Fear is usually what causes us to freeze or avoid change. When you find yourself in this position whether it be a new job, new relationship, or even a new schedule. Go to your internal checklist. What makes you feel calm, centered, and safe? I pray and meditate on scriptures from the Bible that spur me on or give me strength. Give yourself a few navigating points that will work for you. They don't have to be long or complicated. It's about grounding yourself despite what is going on around you.

2. Intentionally Put Yourself in New Situations.

You need to flex your adaptability muscles and like most things to get stronger you need to practice, practice, practice!!! I still hear these words from my dad when he told me to practice the piano. Discipline really is your friend in the end. Schedule the practice sessions on your calendar if you need to.

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

This point may seem redundant, but I feel it helps to point out the obvious sometimes. The more you stretch the more progress you will make. I spend more time outside of my comfort zone than I do in and that's ok with me. Why? Because I don't pull my internal strength from the external. Plain and simple. Ponder that.

The ability to pivot, flex, and adapt will keep you moving forward in all areas of your life. I learned a lot about myself from packing my suitcase. What do I need to feel safe? What do I need to carry that isn't too heavy? etc... Packing a backpack that I carried on my back for 500 miles and 37 days taught me really quick that I didn't need much. That story is for another time, and you don't need to travel to learn these lessons. Practice, Practice, Practice.


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