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  MY  BIO 

My Story

Meet Jennifer, a passionate missionary and CEO on a mission to touch hearts around the world with her contagious energy and unwavering commitment. With over two decades of teaching and leadership under her belt, Jennifer's journey is one of boundless influence and transformative experiences.

Drawing from her diverse background and rich international ministry, Jennifer's vibrant presence as a speaker and emerging author bridges cultures with ease, making her insights universally relatable. Whether she's sharing stories from her time leading youth ministries in Ohio or guiding individuals through life's transitions as a seasoned executive and life coach, Jennifer's approach is always filled with grace and purpose.

In 2012, Jennifer founded Serenity Consulting Group, LLC, a sanctuary of empowerment where individuals are nurtured towards their fullest potential. As a certified coach and  member of the International Christian Coaching Institute, she wholeheartedly believes in nurturing growth across all aspects of life.

But Jennifer's impact doesn't stop at the office door. With missionary work spanning 25 different countries, she's a global force for spreading hope and healing through Christian principles to those in need, no matter where they are. Rooted in  Houston, Texas, Jennifer lives with her husband of 29 years, David, and their two adult children who now live in different cities. Her love for reading, photography, music, and the wonders of nature reflect her insatiable thirst for life's beauty, inspiring all those around her to embrace their own journey with renewed vigor and passion.  Above all, she loves Jesus and wants the world to know Him.


My Journey

Ministry Moments

Our teachings and trainings are interactive and fun. 

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