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  • What is the minimum age to volunteer?
    We encourage family participation for most of our missions. In the event that the mission is located in a higher risk area or one that is not conducive to children it will be noted. We consider each case individually based on a number of factors.
  • Can I organize a fundraising event ?
    You are able to self fund your mission trip if you like, but we highly encourage you to gather a group to pray for your mission before, during, and after. This is a wonderful way to engage others in God's work through you and the team. For those who are fundraising, we ask that you send out an ask letter to your contacts. In this letter you will describe our mission and ask your contacts to financially help you and also to back you in prayer. Many people come up with other creative ways to raise funds. We will assist you in the training to accomplish these tasks.
  • Is your organization transparent?
    Our mission as a transparent non-profit organization involves being honest about our company's vision, mission, and values with all of our employees. This transparency extends to our fiscal practices as well. We believe in being fiscally transparent, ensuring that our financial decisions and processes are openly communicated and accessible to our team members. Transparent leadership starts at the top, with either the CEO or President setting the example. Clear communication from leadership, especially regarding financial matters, is crucial for gaining trust and commitment from employees. By being transparent about our finances, we demonstrate accountability, foster trust, and empower our team to understand and contribute to the organization's financial health and sustainability."
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