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I was sitting on the plane waiting for takeoff and the man sitting next to me started sharing about his crazy work schedule. We ended up talking the whole way to Cleveland. I was on my way back to my childhood home to attend my dad's funeral and he was heading home after a grueling work trip. I shared with him that for the past 8 years I’d been actively involved in international missions. He was intrigued with the idea. He expressed that his life felt empty even after sharing about several expensive vacations and his new boat. I felt sad for him that he was close to being burned out because he wasn't really living out his purpose. He asked if I would be willing to help put together a mission trip for his family and his work team to serve on. I said, absolutely, one of the best ways to have fulfillment is to serve God and others. He had a spark in his eyes at the thought of this opportunity. He seemed most excited for his 13-year-old son who lives in a world of entitlement and ungratefulness.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I wonder how many of us will feel the dread of going to work on Monday morning. How many people are just going through the motions of life? Nothing is more fulfilling and healing to the soul than serving others.


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